Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Please check out our new catalogue:

We offer a huge stock of taps, reamers and dies. We also do specialty requests.

Taylor Tool is a premier manufacturer of special taps, reamers and dies for many different industries worldwide.

We can manufacture many diverse thread forms ranging from standard 60 degree thread profiles to special radius thread configurations.

Whether your requirements are special lengths, diameters or specific flute configurations Taylor Tool can accommodate all of your requests.

Taylor Tool began producing threading dies in North America in 1981. Since that time, we have continuously refined our processes and offerings to our customers.

Taylor Tool produces all of their threading dies out of M2 high speed steel; we can accommodate special requests to produce threading dies using a variety of specialty metals.

Our product size ranges are from 5/8″ to 8.0″ O.D round dies and hex dies from .710″ to 8.0″ AF (across the Flats).

Taylor Tool carries the largest special tap inventory in Canada, with same day shipments from our vast inventory of products.

We also offer our “JET TAP” service, which will manufacture any special tolerance limit or special thread profile of tap within 24 hours using standard tap blank dimensions.

Contact us for all your tapping needs.

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