Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spiral Point Taps

Spiral Point Tap -- J.A.M. Taylor Tool Co Cambridge, Spiral point taps   Ontario, Canada -- Taps Dies and reamers special and standard
Spiral Point Tap

A spiral point tap is a tap with an angled cutting face that pushes the metal chips ahead of the forming threads; resulting in less resistance to thrust. They have a shallower flute passage, giving them a more cross-sectional area. Consequently, they require less torque and can be run at higher speeds.  Spiral points prevent thread damage by forcing chips ahead of the cutting action, reducing chip loading in the flutes.

Commonly used for through holes.

Spiral Point Plug Chamfer Taps are ideally suited for tapping deep through-holes in all but the most abrasive materials.

Bottom Chamfer Spiral Pointed Taps tend to form a tightly curled broken chip that is easily removed from a blind hole, provided there is sufficient room at the bottom of the tap hole to accommodate the chip.

Spiral Point taps are not recommended for use in blind holes. This is because the accumulation of chips can tend to bind and break these taps more easily than others.

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